Question: Can Zeno Erase Angels?

Can Zeno kill angels?

My take on it is that it’s not possible for Zeno, the Grand Priest, or the Angels to be killed.

Zeno survived his own erase technique and when Goku asked Shin if Future Whis was still alive, Shin said Angels cease to function when their Gods of Destruction are killed..

Can Zeno erase Zeno?

Yes! He can erase twelve whole universes in a matter of seconds, destroying Zamasu (who was an immortal disembodied soul that had basically “possessed” the universes themselves when his not-entirely-immortal fused body had been destroyed) in the process.

Can Zeno erase the grand priest?

However, Grand Priest can be defeated by Goku and Zeno. … But he can be erased by Goku. Multiverse Destruction: Like all Omni-Kings, Grand Priest can destroy an entire multiverse and everything in it.

Who is stronger Grand priest or Zeno?

Going by the same analogy as that of intra-universal level, it may be deduced that daishinkan must be stronger than zeno to keep an eye on his actions so that he may not do the childish acts like destroying all the universes. In capabilities of fighting, Grand Priest would win.

Who can beat Zeno?

Any could. As long as Zeno is not paying any attention to his surroundings, even weak-ass Yamcha could kill him with a simple ki-blast, because, Zeno isn’t strong. He is the creator of all 12 (Orginally 18) Universes, and ultimately could be their erasure. This is why all the Gods of Destruction fear him.

Who is the strongest angel?

MetatronThough these archangels were believed to have ranked amongst the heavenly host, no systematic hierarchy ever developed. Metatron is considered one of the highest of the angels in Merkavah and Kabbalist mysticism and often serves as a scribe.

Will Zeno erase Goku?

It showed while like Goku, they would most likely still erase him. Zeno would erase Universe 7 the same way Goku would give his enemies a senzu bean or energy. Present Zeno – “Oh. Son Goku was eliminated.

Will Goku become an angel?

Not at all. Angels are a totally different race of beings who are the chlidren of The Grand Priest. They are the caretakers and mentors of their gods of destruction. Goku could become a God of destruction by training with whis and and asking him to make him a candidate for beimg a god of destruction as Toppo was.

Why is Zeno so powerful?

He is so strong that he has the power to kill an Immortal Being! He killed Zamasu, who is immortal, just by an attack. That attack had the power to destroy the entire timeline/reality. He gets a lot of respect from all the gods from all the universes which can say a lot that he’s really really REALLY DAMN STRONG!!

Who can kill Saitama?

The whole point of Saitama is he doesn’t lose. It takes one punch for him to end it all. And btw, he did punch energy in his fight with Boros (who was a very obvious db parody). The only one that can come close is Mahou Rimuru, not normal one.

Can Superman beat Zeno?

Superman would be no exception. Zeno is literally omnipotent. Zeno is NOT Omnipotent and he’s NOT unbeatable he can be blitzed as he can’t see FTL speeds. And can move faster than light.

Can Zeno beat Thanos?

Thanos wins, with no effort. It should be noted however, that Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet from the cinematic universe (the movies) has been shown so far to be far weaker than his comic book part, and Zeno would indeed destroy him, so for this analysis I will focus on Thanos with the IG from the comics.

Why don t the Angels get erased?

because Zeno destroys basically everything with that universes signature(think an identifying marker unique to every universe) . the angels belong to no universe. The angels are basically assigned to these universes, not from them. So they don’t get erased by Zeno.

Can one punch man beat Zeno?

True powers of both Zeno and Saitama are currently unknown. But he can defeat Zeno. As of now I didn’t saw Saitama having any damage even against powerful enemies. The critics say that the enemies were not as powerful as in Dragon Ball universe but it doesn’t mean that he can’t take Zeno’s attacks.

Can Zeno beat Goku?

9 NEVER WILL: Zeno That said, it really does seem like Zeno will stay the strongest god in Dragon Ball for the foreseeable future. His level of power is so incomprehensible that it seems highly unlikely Goku will ever beat Zeno, let alone fight him.