Question: Does Samsung A51 Need Screen Protector?

How good is Samsung a51?

At $400, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is a perfectly good Android phone for many users.

It has a big, crisp AMOLED display, long battery life, and sharp cameras.

If it had a faster processor, you’d be seeing a higher score here..

How old is Samsung a51?

Samsung Galaxy A51First released4G: 16 December 2019 5G: 29 April 2020 5G UW: 14 August 2020PredecessorSamsung Galaxy A50RelatedSamsung Galaxy A31 Samsung Galaxy A7127 more rows

Is Samsung a51 better than a71?

Though the Galaxy A71 is the better device of the two in the specs department, it also comes at a higher price. … As you can see from the specs comparison below, the Galaxy A71 has a bigger display, more RAM, higher base storage, higher-resolution primary camera, larger battery, and faster-wired charging than the A51.

What is the best screen protector for Samsung a51?

1. OMOTON Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy A51. In first place, we have the OMOTON screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy A51. This 9H tempered glass screen protector can effectively protect your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches.

Does the Samsung a50 need a screen protector?

Yes, Samsung A50 does come with a built-in screen protector. … So getting a good screen protector wouldn’t be remiss of you.

Does Samsung a51 has Gorilla Glass?

Featuring a (48MP + 12 MP + 5MP + 5MP) quad camera and 32MP selfie camera, the Galaxy A51 has a large, immersive 6.5-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display with an ultra-wide 20:9 aspect ratio. The display also features damage- and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

Is Samsung a51 waterproof?

It’s IP67-rated water-resistant, has wireless charging (two things Samsung has pioneered for years, yet the A51 does not include), the same processor as the one in Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 for superior performance, and packs a solid camera.

Do you really need a screen protector?

Many people still buy screen protectors to protect those screens, but they’ve become less necessary. Screen protectors were once practically mandatory, but advances in glass and coatings have made them unnecessary for most people. You don’t have to buy a screen protector when you get a new phone.

Are glass screen protectors worth it?

Are Glass Screen Protectors Worth It: The Rundown So, our final decision is this: if you want to protect your smartphone from screen damage, fingerprint discoloration at an easy to achieve price, a glass screen protector is a sensible purchase that we highly recommend.

Which tempered glass is best for Samsung a50?

This item VZZR® Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy A50 / A50s Screen Protector 11D – Better Than 5D, 6D, 9D & 10D – Full HD, 9H, 2.5D, Edge to Edge, Anti Scratch Screen Guard Temper Glass for Samsung A50 / A50s (Black)Add to CartCustomer Rating3.5 out of 5 stars (118)Price₹ 244.004 more rows

Is Samsung a51 worth buying in 2020?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 seems like a worth upgrade over its predecessor. It has many features that other smartphones seem to omit right now, like the 3.5mm audio port and an FM Radio. … Hence, in all, the Samsung Galaxy A51 seems like a good buy for anyone in the market for a smartphone under Rs 24,000.

Do Samsung phones come with a screen protector?

Galaxy S10 includes a preinstalled screen protector to allow for use of all touch-screen features, including the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.