Quick Answer: Is Physics Ncert Important For Boards?

Are additional exercises in Ncert important for physics?

Of course, they are highly important for boards.

These additional exercises provides a solid foundation in that given chapter and once u practise them it really boasts your confidence and it is vital for JEE and especially BITSAT..

Is HC Verma good for boards?

H.C. Verma’s “Concept of Physics” is a very good and common book among all the JEE students. It is considered as a great book for JEE Mains and Advanced but it is not generally recommended for boards. … Verma are definetely the best for JEE level but for boards , go for Pradeep or NCERT.

Is 2020 board exam easy?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to make the Board examination 2020 easier for the students. … Now class XII students will also have a reduced number of descriptive questions in Board Exam 2020.

How do you get full marks in physics?

Start solving all the solved and unsolved problems/questions in NCERT textbooks. Practice papers: Have a look at the past exam papers of CBSE physics to get an idea of how the questions are asked in the exam. Work on at least past 10 year question papers. Practice them keeping the time limit in mind.

Is physics harder than chemistry?

Chemistry and physics are much tougher in the sense that you need the math to string the concepts together. If you are comfortable with high-level mathematics, then physics and chemistry are made much easier.

How do you master in physics?

To succeed in physics, you’ll need some effective study strategies….Tips on how to study physics effectivelyListen to your intuition. … Think conceptually. … Keep up with reading and studying. … Drill the core concepts. … Catch up on math. … Get in the zone.

Is physics Ncert enough for boards?

The NCERT textbook for physics for class 11 and 12 is more than enough for any kind of exam if it is studied properly and each numerical is solved with proper care. … Thus, overall ncert is the best atleast for the boards exams if not more. So study it well and retain the concepts.

How do you prepare a board for physics?

CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Preparation Tips By ExpertFirst and foremost, utilize the 15 minutes reading time fruitfully.Thorough reading of the NCERT is mandatory to succeed in CBSE Physics Board exam. … As per the new pattern of question paper there will be 10 MCQs. … Prepare chapter-wise formula and give yourself regular practice for the same.More items…•

Is Ncert enough for Class 12 boards?

NCERT books are not only important for Class 12 exams but are also crucial for JEE and NEET exams. The chapters in NCERT Class 12 books cover a wide range of important topics from which questions are common in most of the competitive exams.