What Does Pref Mean In Crosswords?

What does Arch mean in crosswords?

Anytime (arch) is used in crossword it is using arch as abbreviation for archaic and wanting an out of date word to be used, in this example nigh..

What does ANAG stand for?

Applied Numerical Algorithms GroupAcronym. Definition. ANAG. Applied Numerical Algorithms Group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

What is the best crossword puzzle app?

5 of the Best Android Crossword Apps for Word EnthusiastsShortyz Crosswords. If you’re a fan of doing newspaper crosswords, Shortyz Crosswords is an absolute must-have. … Crossword Cryptic. Cryptic crosswords have always been a tough nut to crack. … Crossword Puzzle Free. … CodyCross. … Wordalot.

Why is study con in crosswords?

You’d just be expected to know that ‘con’ is very often associated with ‘study’ in cryptic crosswords. It’s not an idiosyncracy of one single crossword setter, it’s a common convention. Think of it as being part of the rules of the game rather than part of the ‘problem-solving’ procedure.

What does anag mean in crosswords?

Cheap (anag.) ( 5) An anagram clue in a cryptic crossword is rather more sophisticated than this, and will normally consist of three parts: a definition; the letters to be rearranged (sometimes referred to by crossword fans as the ‘anagram fodder’); and an indication that the letters are to be rearranged.

What does anagram mean?

noun. a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters: “Angel” is an anagram of “glean.”

Which day is the hardest crossword?

SaturdayFun Fact: The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the most vague or involve the most wordplay.

What makes a good crossword puzzle?

“Themes should be fresh, interesting, narrowly defined and consistently applied throughout the puzzle. If the theme includes a particular kind of pun, for example, then all the puns should be of that kind. Themes and theme entries should be accessible to everyone.”

What does FR mean in crossword?

Foreign words will be flagged directly, “Friend: Fr.” = AMI or indirectly, “Friend, in France”. Abbreviated answers are indicated directly, “Whistlestop (Abbr.)” = STA or indirectly with an abbreviated word as part of the clue, “RR stop” = STA.

What does Coll mean in crossword?

ExcellentClue. Answer. Excellent (coll) (11)

How can I improve my crossword puzzle?

Tips for Solving Crossword PuzzlesWork in pencil. By working in pencil, you give yourself permission to guess and make mistakes. … Be loyal to a puzzle editor. … Think about theme. … Fill in the blanks first. … Focus on small (three-to-five-letter) word entries. … Visit Crosswordese.com. … Get trivial. … Eye abbreviations and acronyms.More items…

What does SP mean in a crossword?

that are strictly foreignIf a crossword answer is not a Standard English word, the clue will usually signal this fact. Thus, a slangy answer will have a slangy clue. … Similarly, words that are strictly foreign will be signaled either directly (”Boy: Sp.

What does inits mean in crossword?

Initials – inits. Inspector – DI (Detective inspector) Intelligence – IQ.

What do numbers mean in cryptic crosswords?

Cryptic clues are followed by a number or numbers in parentheses indicating the length of the answer: (5) means it’s a five-letter word, while (2,3,4) indicates a three-word phrase like “in the know.”

What does snag mean in crosswords?

Difficulty or disadvantageClue. Answer. Difficulty or disadvantage (4)

Are crossword puzzles good for the brain?

Solving a daily crossword puzzle is a great way to exercise their brain and keep their memory sharp. Puzzles can also help in keeping a variety of memory-related neurological diseases including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more.

What do the circles on NYT Crossword mean?

The letters that will appear in the circles when the Answers are written in spell out words related to the puzzle’s theme. the letters in squares that contain circles spell out words related to the theme either when read consecutively or when rearranged to form theme-related words.

What does l mean in a crossword?

On crossword solving blogs/communities, solutions are sometimes explained in shorthand notation such as {A}{C}{CLIMAx*} for ACCLAIM, CAL(1)L<= for LILAC, or ~(tale)+SPIN for TAILSPIN. ... Crossword sites generally carry a key to the annotation format – for example, THCC displays an "Annotations" widget on the sidebar.